Resources and Downloads

The Child Advocacy Center of Gloucester County can assist crime victims and witnesses with referrals for services, to help families cope with the trauma of victimization.  Websites for some of our frequently-used resources and partner agencies can be found below.

NJ Department of Children and Families
The Department of Children and Families funds various programs throughout the state to help and strengthen families. At this site you can find links to these programs along with links to other State agencies that offer assistance to families.

NJ Children’s System of Care
When a child is facing challenges to their functioning and well-being, finding the right services and support can be overwhelming. We are committed to helping you access the right services for your child.

Victims of Crime Compensation Office
VCCO is committed to serving crime victims and their families. VCCO staff is ready, willing and able to assist those affected emotionally, financially and/or physically by a crime. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a crime, you may qualify for reimbursement, so please contact VCCO, we are here to help.

NJ AG’s Sexual Assault information page
In November 2018, Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal issued the Attorney General Standards for Providing Services to Victims of Sexual Assault, Third Edition (“Standards”). The Standards provide a set of fourteen protocols that prioritize the needs and concerns of sexual assault victims in New Jersey.

High Tech Crimes Unit - Children at Risk Online
The High Tech Crimes (HTC) Unit conducts proactive and reactive investigations in which computers, digital equipment, or other advanced technology is used to facilitate a criminal act or are the objects of the attack. The HTC Unit also provides Internet Safety Programs to civic, business, and educational organizations regarding computers and family safety on the Internet. For a list of possible signs that your child might be at risk online visit:


SERV Program
Services Empowering Rights of Victims (SERV) provides support to victims and survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and human trafficking to help people in a journey toward healing and empowerment. SERV supports survivors through competence and empowerment and provides a safe space for all that encourages recovery and self-care.

Rowan CARES Institute
The CARES Institute is a specialized facility that provides both medical and mental health examinations and treatment for children suspected of experiencing sexual abuse.

VINE is a free, secure, and confidential way to access custody status and criminal case information. Register for notifications and stay informed.

New Jersey Children’s Alliance
New Jersey Children’s Alliance promotes hope, healing and justice for victims of child abuse throughout New Jersey by supporting Child Advocacy Centers with training, resources, advocacy, and leadership. Our goal is for every child abuse victim in New Jersey to have access to the hope and healing provided by the full range of quality, comprehensive, coordinated and evidence-informed services offered by Child Advocacy Centers in order to create a world without child abuse.